Friday, July 16, 2010

What is your favorite food type?

Food Type?
My favorite food type is Sea Food. I just love skrimps. And King Crab legs.

Whats wrong with McDonald

I whatched fox news and there making a big racket about it. i have to go to california tonight so i dont ge tto hear the story. so why???????
its not fox complaining its an organization in santa clara ca trying to stop restaurants from giving away toys with meals because it contributes to childhood obesity by making all the kids always wanting a happy meal..

How much does a Hot-N-Ready pizza from Little Caesars cost?

And what about Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread cost?

Five dollars

i have no clue about the bread

Its always cheap and delicious there.
call and ask them on the phone
Here the pizza is

What kind of gambling games do they play in the casinos?

There are several different kinds of casino gambling games. These include: Slot Machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Keno.
mind games, hooker roulette.
Table games

(played against the house)

pai gow, roulette, 2 card poker, WAR, craps, blackjack (I am probably missing a bunch)

Poker tables

usually texas holdem played against fellow gambles, different tables have different betting schemes.


there are 100

Is it bad that I just ate a large pizza by myself?

today I ate a Large pepperoni and pineapple pizza by myself :

Do you need any food experience when applying to places like DQ?

I have no fast food experience and wanting to apply for the grill/back position,

do you think they will hire people with no experience?
My very first job ever (in high school) was at Dairy Queen. I had no experience but was hired by the owner. To answer your question, yes you can get hired.

Go get an application. Fill it out honestly. Double check for spelling errors. Write in complete sentences. Volunteer work can be added to your application.

At your interview, answer each question honestly. If you don

Can u see though an eclipse bk scratch off with an LED flashlight?

I highly doubt it.
putting a lot of effort into getting a free Whopper that costs a couple dollars huh?